Course summary

This module will help you identify and develop your values at an individual level as a sole trader, or at a team level in a small business.

Values guide behaviours and choices, and form the basis of decisions. They define how you run your business, treat your customers and how team members treat each other.

If you align your team members with a strong set of values they'll feel more engaged, energised and fulfilled.

The module consists of a workbook, video and summary checklist.

It's available for just £29 (plus VAT at 20%).

Course Content

Mark Wilson

Sales & Product
Training Manager,
IVC Group

“Andrew understands how business works; the cogs that whirr in the background of an organisation. His skill is that he is able to listen to those sounds, interpret them and in his understated, measured style; develop questions to probe further, help you to crystallise your thoughts, and then give assured experience and guidance as to how to oil those cogs and make your projects and plans run all the smoother and more effectively.” Mark Wilson, Sales & Product Training Manager, IVC Group

Andrew Deighton