• Do you want to train and develop people in your organisation to be better leaders?
• Are you looking for practical resources to help you deliver your own team development sessions?  

• Do you want to improve the engagement, effectiveness and performance of the teams in your organisation?  

• Would you, or a member of your team, benefit from some 1-to-1 coaching?

Courses and training modules to build team leadership and management skills.
Practical guides and workbooks to help you develop you and your teams.
One-to-one coaching and group webinars to help improve and implement leadership skills.
Bite-size modules and activities to develop your skills and use with your team.

The Exceptional Team Blueprint™ is a practical approach to building and developing a high performing team and developing effective team members and leaders.

It helps new, and established, team leaders become more effective at leading and developing their team. It helps owners of small and medium sized businesses to improve the performance of their organisation by taking a broad-based approach to the development of their leaders and employees. It helps leaders of departments in larger corporations and those bringing together a team to deliver a specific project.

Teams don’t need to be in a business environment to benefit from using the Exceptional Team Blueprint™. Applying the tools and techniques to teams based in the education, charity, voluntary and public sectors also brings positive benefits.

Team members will benefit and become more effective at an individual level by applying the elements from the Exceptional Team Blueprint™ with the teams they're part of at work, or in their hobbies and interests.

You don't have to be in a formal leadership position to impact the performance of a team. You can positively influence how the team works, and the outcomes it delivers, from the inside as a team member.

This Exceptional Team Blueprint Mini Guide pulls together the key aspects from the Exceptional Team Blueprint approach.

This Little Book of Development Tips is a collection of 100 tips I put together after being selected as one of the SmallBiz100 for the national Small Business Saturday campaign.